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How to add google picasa web gallery to Joysite ?

Ask your Joysite Reseller to add pwi Plugin. 

Create an online gallery at picas web.

Open Joysite Administration view.

Select Picture Gallery

Add Picture Gallery

Enter Title in small case and no special characters. ex.  yourgalleryname

Inside EmbedLink 

add below Code replacing with your googleusername (i.e. you Gmail Id without '@gmail.com')

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function () {
            username: 'googleusername',
            thumbSize: 128
Click on Save.
Now open the Joysite page on which you want to include this gallery.
Goto Edit Page properties
Now in the Middle Section append the following code (donot remove any existing code)
/gallery yourgalleryname
For Example: 
text gallerymiddle1/gallery tigers2011
Click Save.
This will integrate the picasa web gallery with joysite.
Optional Optimisations:
For removing any existing margins:
  1. Inside Page Properties goto CSS For this page.
  2. add following css code
    #content {width:70%}
    #lbCenter {
To give white photo like border on album cover.
  1. Goto Admin - > Site Properties
  2. Inside CSS Section type following CSS code:
    .pwi_album img, #wiki-image {
    solid #666666;