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Easy Editable Website


Points to remember ... 

1) No image should be resized to anything other than its orignal size, i.e. if dimentions of an image are 100x50 , the img tag must have height="100" and width="50" this will decrease the page loading time of the images and also maintain page layout. 
2) All the colour / border / margin information must be provided using CSS styles. Note main.css included with the source.
(Online resources can be found at http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp )
3) All the HTML tags must be symmetric and confer to XML standards.  i.e every opened tag must be closed. note <br/> tags in the file.
4) Use limited and consistant palette of colour throughout the site 
5) There should be NO broken link on the pages
6) Every page must contain the similar Header and footer, and link to Home page, Login/Logout
7) only <LI> tag should follow after <UL>, If there are <a href="...."> </a> links in between LI and UL tags. Please remove them. 
8) Use tables sensibly, avoid where ever possible, Tables increase loading time of the pages and also adds rigidity to the layout.